Leak Amplifier Repairs

Leak 2000 Receiver

Leak 2000 Stereo Receiver

The sound was intermittent, switches needed soaking in WD40, bad connector on tuner output, then phono eq noisy. I replaced the yellow electro capacitors in the phono eq; 2.2µF and 22µF. There was also a problem with the PSU, the regulated +16V had disapeared somewhere. Turned out the 68k resistor to the Zener had gone open circuit.

Leak Delta 70

Leak Delta 70 Amplifier

This one blew the fuses on switch on, couldn't see any problem so powered it up with a lamp in the mains input which lit brightly for several minutes till the HT came up. It then powered up without it okay, guess the capacitors needed reforming after being un-powered for many years. Pushing sound through it showed one channel was lower thant other.

Leak Stereo 20

Leak Stereo 20 Amplifier Leak Stereo 20 Amplifier Leak Stereo 20 Amplifier

This old Leak was humming through the speakers. The 32 µF+32 µF capacitor was looking sorry for itself and was replaced. The EL84 cathode capacitors 47 µF 25V and the two electrolytic 47µF 10 V in the ECC83s cathodes were also replaced. The 100 ohm resistor had been replaced by 2 x 220 ohms in parallel! All I had was a 2 W 100 ohm which soon burnt up, after replacing the capacitor and 100 ohm resistor for the correct one, the current was acceptable, cleaned the EL84 pins as they were a bit tricky making contact in the sockets.