Marantz Amplifier Repairs

Marantz 1060

Marantz 1060 Amplifier

No sound through the preamp, power amp worked okay, the tone circuit board held the problematical transistors 2SA702's, they had morphed into diodes according to my meter! Worked fine after replacing them with new ones.

Marantz 2330B Stereophonic Receiver

Marantz 2330B Stereophonic Receiver Marantz 2330B Stereophonic Receiver Marantz 2330B Stereophonic Receiver

One channel wasn't working, if there was a major problem then the protection should have removed both channels! Turned out to be the volume control had chronic bad contacts, needed soaking in switch cleaner, made wondrous sounds after. (180W\Ch receiver)

Marantz PM-7200

Marantz PM-7200 Stereo Amplifier Marantz PM-7200 Stereo Amplifier

This would cut out. I found the LH channel quiescent at 2x what it should be, readjusted, then dry joints found on the TO220 transistors and several on the power amp PCB, then back to the real fault cutting out at over ¼ volume. The protection circuit was dropping the relay out, turned out to be the capacitor across the over current i\p on the protect IC TA7317, worked okay after all that.

Marantz PM-4000

This required a modification to the amplifier which involved connecting a link to the chassis from a resistor. It worked fine after fitting it.

Marantz PM-80

This needed a new STK module, the front end of the power amp on a chip, there was no o\p to one channels bias.

Marantz 1030

One channel had horrid distortion, the small board in the middle of chassis. The biasing was all wrong on the 2SC458's.