McIntosh Amplifier Repairs

McIntosh MA 5100 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

McIntosh MA 5100 Solid State Stereo Integrated Amplifier

This one took out the house breaker when plugged in! I couldn't understand why until I opened the case up and had a look inside. The red wire was connected to the chassis! A novel idea but I don't think it will catch on in the UK, it came from Germany.

McIntosh C27

McIntosh C27 Stereo Pre-amplifier McIntosh C27 Stereo Pre-amplifier

Owner reported hiss from the output, replaced the transistors in each channel and a couple of resistors 5k6 which were carbon composition type, several dry joints around the board were also repaired.

McIntosh MA 5100

McIntosh MA 5100 McIntosh MA 5100 McIntosh MA 5100

This was blowing the –ve supply fuse on one channel. Dry joints on the 3600 ohm resistors were suspect, they run hot on the small driver board next to the heat sinks. I replaced the 28V lamps for 24 V ones which are easier to find and replaced the 7.5 ohm resistor for a 22 ohm one for their power supply.